Uric Acid Levels and Gout: How To Decrease or Reduce Uric Acid Levels

Question: I have uric acid level 6.02.is there any problem for me? I have cholesterol of 208 and I am 32 years old.
Answer: Do you have any symptoms of gout? Like joint pains, acute pain in great toe, tender toe and redness associated with it.

  • Do you drink alcohol or beer regularly and in large quantity? As they are triggering factor for gout.
  • As such your uric acid level is normal and if there is no symptom of gout there is no need of concern at present.
  • Certainly your cholesterol is on a higher side.
  • Next time when you do test for cholesterol, do full lipid profile test where we will come to know the value of HDL, LDL, VLDL and triglyceride.
  • What is your weight?
  • If you are obese, you will have to shed some pounds. This is beneficial in both, to reduce cholesterol and if a person suffering from gout.

How to Decrease Uric Acid Levels

Do’s and don’ts to reduce cholesterol:

  • Eat right with adequate fruits and vegetables in the diet
  • Eat low fat dairy products and fried food
  • Restrict alcohol
  • Stop smoking
  • Brisk walk for 30 to 45 minutes a day helps to reduce cholesterol and raise general fitness level
  • Lastly use relaxation therapies to break from stress.

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