Vegetarian (Vegan) Sources of Vitamin B12: Vegetables High Vitamin B12

Question: For a vegetarian what are the sources of vitamin B12?
Answer: If you are a strict vegetarian than getting vitamin B12 in enough quantity should be a concern to you.

Mild deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause anemia, fatigue, depression while prolonged deficiency can cause neurological symptoms.

If you are strict vegetarian, than you should eat these foods regularly in your daily diet.

Vegetarian Sources and Vegetables High in Vitamin B12

Some of the natural vegetarian foods which contain vitamin B12 are:

  • Cheese: the amount of vitamin B12 varies in the type of the cheese.
  • Swiss cheese provides the maximum that is 3.3 micro gm per 100 gm serving. Followed by gjetost, mozzarella, parmesan, tilsit and Feta.
  • Whey powder: besides being considered to be an important ingredient in bodybuilding, it is one of the good sources of vitamin B12 in vegans. It contains 2.5 micro gm per 100 gm of whey powder. Whey powder is present in breads and smoothies
  • Milk and yogurt: 100 gms of yogurt provide 0.53 micro gm of vitamin B12.
  • 1 cup of milk provides 0.46 micro gm of vitamin B12.
  • Yeast extracts spread (Marmite) : it is a good vegetarian source of protein and vitamin B12.
  • As the vegetarian sources for vitamin B12 are limited, one has to incorporate these food articles liberally in their daily diet.

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