Water Retention In Hands: Causes And Reasons Of Water Retention In Arms

Question: I have water retention on my left hand. I had a stroke 4 months earlier and on medication. Could it be due to side effects of medicine? Would be grateful if you could shed some light.

What Causes Water Retention In Hands

Answer: Edema is a common occurrence in congestive cardiac failure.

However, edema of the upper extremity is a relatively rare phenomena compared to edema of the lower extremity. Have you recovered from stroke? Do you have any signs of hemi-paresis on the left side? Are you mobile or your activities are restricted?

Congestive cardiac failure is a sign of an overworking heart.

In this condition, the heart fails to work effectively, which in turn increases the back pressure. Back pressure results in stagnation of blood in the veins (which under normal circumstances drain blood into the heart). This in turn causes excessive dilation of the venous system and increases the pressure of blood in the veins.

As the blood accumulates in the veins, with increase in pressure, fluid tends to transcend the walls of the veins and collect in the interstitial tissue.

This in turn causes edema or swelling of the tissues. If the particular extremity is mobile, the muscular contractions can aid in pushing the stagnant venous blood forward towards the heart.

Upper extremities are more mobile compared to the lower extremities due to regular routine use. However, if an upper extremity is render immobile or has considerable limited movements, it is possible that the edematous fluid can get accumulated there. Ensure that your intake of salt is fairly restricted.

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