7 Ways to Do a Natural Recovery from Post Antibiotics Treatment

Antibiotics are miracle drugs that have saved millions of lives from deadly bacterial infections. Thanks to Alexander Fleming who found penicillin in the year 1928. Antibiotics are chemical substances derived from various species of microorganism that in small concentration are able to stop the growth or kill bacteria. There are several types of bacterial strains and hence different types of antibiotics are needed to kill them.

When antibiotics are used properly, it helps to kill the bacteria. It provides enough space to strengthen the immune system so that it can fight against the infection naturally. Having said that, overuse of antibiotics has become a big problem in recent times. This has lead to many side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, yeast infection etc. Overuse has also resulted in development of antibiotic resistance as well as weakened immune system. If you have taken antibiotics and are suffering from mild side effects, don’t worry here are some natural ways that will be useful to recover from antibiotics.

Natural recovery from antibiotics:

There are two types of bacteria that dwell in our body; the good bacteria and bad bacteria.

In small amount they live harmoniously in the body without causing any trouble. However, under circumstances where the bad bacteria colonies outnumber the good bacteria, trouble starts. Antibiotics play crucial role in this situation. But the action consists of wider net where along with bad bacteria even good bacteria are killed. Beneficial bacterial flora is necessary for maintaining overall good health. Lack of good bacteria can make the body vulnerable to diseases. For example overuse of antibiotics in case of urinary tract infection can lead to vaginal yeast infection, as the good bacteria which keep a check on harmful microorganisms are destroyed. Similarly long term use of antibiotics in lung infections can leave the person with indigestion, bloating and gasses. Although we know the problem with use of antibiotics, they are still valuable in treating bacterial infections. You can take certain steps that can keep the body healthy even after the use of antibiotics.

  1. Probiotics contain good bacteria. Eat natural probiotics such as yogurt, buttermilk during the course of antibiotics and for two to three weeks after antibiotic treatment. The culture of good bacteria present in yogurt and buttermilk protects the intestinal lining. Its lactic acid content helps to flush off bacterial toxins from the body. It is the best cure for diarrhea caused as a side effect of antibiotics.
  2. Many other fermented foods also contain high number of good bacteria. Eat kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, fermented pickles, kimchi etc when you are on antibiotic therapy. You can continue taking them even after the therapy is over for some days.
  3. Eat chicken bone broth or chicken soup as it helps in recovery from antibiotic side effects.
  4. Drink enough amount of fluid when you are on antibiotic therapy. It helps to reduce dryness in mouth and loss of fluid that may be caused as a side effect of antibiotics. Increased intake of fluid is also beneficial for removing toxins from body.
  5. Eat garlic as it contains a natural compound called allicin. It helps in detoxification of remaining effects of antibiotics from the body. You can add garlic in food preparation after the course of antibiotic therapy for overall health benefit.
  6. Eat foods that are easy to digest when you are on antibiotics. Bland and simple foods such as rice, vegetables, soups, bread, dry crackers is easily digested and it also provides rest to the gastrointestinal tract.
  7. Eat foods that have plenty of antioxidants. Colored fruits such as strawberry, cherry, peach, oranges, kiwi fruit are good source of antioxidants.