Causes of Abrasion on Skin | What Causes Abrasion Infection

Skin Abrasions Causes:

How does a person get an abrasion? What are the most common causes of abrasions in a person? Here are some answers to these questions:

  • Abrasions often occur when the surface of a person’s skin comes in contact with a rough surface and this surface rubs the skin raw, exposing the surface skin or the uppermost layers of your epidermis.
  • Usually when some amount of grinding and rubbing occurs on a person’s skin, the result is often an abrasion. This is often an occurrence when the other surface that grinds or rubs on the person’s skin is rough.
  • Abrasions or wounds causes can occur when a person is involved in an accident or when he slips or slides and rubs the skin on a rough surface.
  • Abrasions can also occur when a person scratches his or her skin raw from an insect bite or an allergic reaction. Since your nails can be pretty sharp, an abrasion can occur when you continuously scratch a certain part of your skin.
  • Engaging in rough sports can also cause a person to have abrasions. Certain sports like football, baseball, and soccer can give a person an abrasion when the exposed skin comes in contact with the ground or other rough surfaces during play.

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