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Abrasions Diet Treatment

When you want to expedite the healing process of these abrasions or wounds, you may want to try to revert to a particular diet plan to speed up the healing of these scrapes and grazes. Although it is not necessary that you do this, it can actually help. Here are some tips you can follow when thinking about what to eat or drink when you have an abrasion:

  • There are different kinds of food that can help with the speedy healing of abrasions. Some of the food you may want to ingest are food like peanuts, lean beef, sunflower seeds, and even roasted pumpkin. These all help heal wound faster.
  • Eat vitamin-E-rich foods to help with the healing process of your abrasions. You can also take supplements with vitamin E in them or vitamin E capsules to better heal your wounds with. Vitamin E also helps you avoid scarring should the abrasion be one of those deeper ones.
  • When you are trying to heal abrasions fast, you may want to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Try to incorporate vitamin- and mineral-rich foods for abrasion treatment into your diet.
  • Stop smoking and avoid alcoholic drinks when you are trying to get an abrasion to heal quickly.

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