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Abrasions Home Remedies

While most people go to a doctor to treat certain rubs and scrapes, these shallow wounds can actually be treated with the use of home care and with basic first aid. Here are some of the abrasion treatments you can do when you find that you have an abrasion:

  • When you find that you have a scrape or a graze, wash this off with soap and water first to clean out any possible debris like sand or other dirt particles from the wound.
  • Once you have cleaned the wound properly, taking care to make sure that there are no dirt particles left in them to avoid infection, you may apply an antiseptic over it or you can wash it out further with alcohol.
  • You can apply a soothing gel over the wound to treat abrasion. Aloe vera is very useful in this case. You can even use the natural form of aloe vera for your wound. Simply cut open a fresh leaf from the aloe plant and smear the sticky liquid from this leaf over the wound.
  • You can also apply a homemade disinfectant with the use of herbs and essential oils. Thyme is a good antiseptic for abrasion cure.
  • Make a mixture of comfrey, tea tree oil, and calendula to put on your abrasion. This will help treat and heal abrasion quickly.
  • If you are putting a bandage over the wound, try to make sure that it is put on the wound loosely to allow for proper ventilation of the scrape and faster healing.

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