Abrasion Control and Prevention | Skin Wounds Tips to Avoid and Control

Abrasions Prevention

When you think about the reasons why a person may get an abrasion, you probably think that there is nothing you can do to prevent getting these types of wounds. Actually, you can prevent abrasions from occurring by practicing some of these safety tips:

  • Since most abrasions happen when a person is involved in such activities like biking, skating, or skateboarding, wearing protective gear when doing these things should help prevent you from getting these scrapes. Protective gear include knee pads, elbow pads, and appropriate clothing that will help cover parts of your body that may be prone to getting these abrasions.
  • When you find that you have an itch that you are keen on scratching, try to find other ways to keep the itch down to avoid the abrasion that often comes from scratching these wounds too much. You can apply an anti-itch cream over it or you can take an antihistamine if the itch is brought about by an allergy.
  • To avoid rope burns when climbing up ropes, try to wear gloves that offer you traction and protection at the same time. There are mountain climbing gloves that can be used for these activities, and these can help you avoid the scrapes and stinging abrasions that come with slipping accidentally from these ropes. The same should be done when you are pulling on some rope.
  • While accidents do happen, being careful can increase your chances of staying away from accidents like trips and slips that can cause abrasions.

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