Symptoms of Abrasion Skin Infection | Signs of Wound Infection

Abrasions Symptoms:

As simple as abrasions may be, some people still cannot determine an abrasion from a cut. Here are some signs of abrasion and possible side effects from abrasions may have for you to easily determine whether or not you do have an abrasion:

  • Abrasions are relatively shallow wounds that appear reddish where the skin was scraped off.
  • Sometimes when a person has an abrasion, he will feel a hot and burning sensation where the wound is.
  • The abrasion often appears to ooze a certain fluid on the surface of the wound. Sometimes this is blood.
  • When a person has an abrasion, they might sometimes experience a slight fever if they have an allergic reaction to the wound or their body reacts to the presence of possible bacteria found there.
  • An abrasion may bleed, but more often than not, if the abrasion is very shallow, it does not bleed at all and simply shows as a scrape on the person’s skin.

Sometimes it can be a itchy abrasion, depending on whether it is infected by bacteria that is found on the surface of the area where the person got the scrape from.

If the abrasion is from scratching due to a bite or an allergic reaction, it is more than likely that it will be itchy.

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