Acne Scars Causes | What causes acne and Pimple Scars

What Causes Acne Scars?

Why does a person develop scars when they have a bout with acne? Here are some possible reasons why an acne attack becomes a scarring event in a person’s life:

  • Scars are the result of the cycle of tissue injury and repair. Acne is essentially an injuring of your skin by the eruption of such acne problems like pimples, blackhead and whiteheads, to name a few. The resulting visible repair of the tissues that were injured in this acne problem, especially those that are severe, then becomes acne scars.
  • When the repairing of the tissue begins, sometimes the white blood cells that do the repairing of the skin where the acne attack was leave scars behind.
  • There are times when scarring is severe due to the person’s sensitivity and susceptibility to scarring. While some people may not experience scarring after they had a bout with acne, other people who are prone to getting scars when injured usually do.

Acne scars can often be caused by acne that end up becoming lesions or crusted over and pus filled. These are the severe cases of acne where a person seems to have a type of acne called nodulcystic acne, an inflammatory kind of acne that is deep seated.

Acne Scarring Causes

Acne scars are nothing but the leftover on the skin when acne subsides. Causes of acne spots or pits can be overgrown tissue called as keloid scar or hypertropic scar occurring due to large amount of collagen or loss of tissue known as depressed scar. Other causes of acne marks are chronic constipation, consumption of alcohol and tobacco and intake of oily foods. Most common cause of acne marks is unhealthy lifestyle.

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