Diet to Remove and Fade Acne Scars | Food for Acne Marks Removal

Acne Scar Diet, Nutrition

When you are having problems with acne scars, there is a way for you to expedite the healing process. What you eat and drink can have a bearing on what your skin does and knowing what kinds of food can help with healing of acne scars can help you diminish them. Here are some suggestions:

  • You can try and speed up the healing process of your acne scars with the use of proper nutrition. Beta-carotene is a well-known therapeutic and healing substance found in a lot of yellow- and orange-colored vegetables. Try adding carrots, pumpkins, or any other yellow colored fruit or vegetable in your diet to increase your beta-carotene intake.
  • Try to increase your fiber intake as well. Oatmeal, brown grains, and rice can also help with the fast healing of acne scars.
  • Did you know that certain teas have healing properties that can work on the inside as well as the outside of your body? Try drinking teas that are made of a combination of herbs like goldenseal, tea tree oil, calendula, or Echinacea. Other teas that may help with the speedy recovery of your acne scars include coriander, fennel, cumin and chamomile. Drinking a cup of any of these teas after every meal will help expedite the healing of your acne scars.
  • Black currant seed supplements can also be taken to help minimize the scarring effects of acne.
  • You can also try lemon juice for acne scars removal.

Foods for Acne Scar

Intake of silica rich fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial for fading acne scars. These items help in restoring the skin cells and eliminating toxins from the body. Diet for pimple scar must be rich in zinc as they help in skin regeneration and heal body tissues. Potatoes and sea foods are rich in zinc content. Restrict packaged and greasy foods as they make the healing process slow.

Vitamins for Acne Scarring

Citrus rich fruits for acne clear skin are effective as they make the process of healing the skin tissue faster due to the presence of bioflavanoids.

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