Natural Remedies To Reduce Redness And Scars On Your Face

You may feel depressed and aghast to see your face in the mirror having redness and scars. This unsightly condition can have various reasons for its occurrence such as burns, chickenpox, acne, accidental injury, or surgical procedure etc. You would like to get rid of it as quickly as possible. But ensure that the skin has completely recovered from infection or the injury and your scar has diminished.

Usually the redness on the face is due to the visibility of capillaries on the surface of the facial skin.

Scars of acne can be very deep in certain cases which may persist lifelong.

Scars formed by surgical procedure and injuries may have damaged the skin very deeply, and in this circumstances it is very difficult for completely eliminating the scar tissue.

Natural Remedies For Facial Scars

You may be eagerly waiting for the removal of your facial scars. In reality it is very difficult to remove the scars permanently, unless you undergo laser therapy.

Alternately you can think of various natural remedies which certainly lighten your facial redness and scary marks on your face.

Before undergoing any procedure for reducing the scars and facial redness, always keep a good hygienic condition of your skin.

Make sure your skin has completely healed. Applying natural remedies locally on a wound which has not healed completely will aggravate the condition and cause further skin damage.

How To Reduce Redness On Your Face?

Following are the natural home remedies that can safely lighten the scars and redness on the face:

  • Apply a paste prepared from sandalwood and black gram on the scars. It will help to reduce the severity of the scars and underlying redness.
  • Extract of freshly cut cucumber and lemon juice when applied on the scars daily for few weeks will smoothen the facial skin and the scars will not be prominent.
  • Vitamin E oil is excellent in reducing scars; you can apply vitamin E oil on the old scars to and also to recently healed wound to reduce permanent scarring.
  • Cod liver oil is useful in lightening the facial redness and scarring.
  • Watermelon juice when applied on the red face caused due to sunburn is very effective. Your face will feel clean and fresh.
  • Watermelon pulp pack is a good home remedy for rehydrating and exfoliating the skin.
  • Apply aloe vera gel to prevent deepening of acne scars.

From the above fact it is important to note that the scars can be diminished with the above home remedies to certain extent, but very difficult to get rid of it completely.

Medical treatment such as punch grafts, chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser treatment, will to a great extent smoothen the scars. For these therapies you have to consult a dermatologist.

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