Tomatoes contain Lycopene Which Help in Treating Acne and Scars

Tomatoes for Acne

It is best for patients to know basic facts about tomatoes to fully understand the healing powers of this plant when it comes to acne.

  • Tomatoes have antioxidants that aids in tightening the pores in the face which can lead to outbursts of acne. These antioxidants can also help prevent skin damage.

  • Vitamins C and A are some of the main ingredients that can help cure acne. These vitamins are abundant in tomatoes.

  • There are different ways to prepare the tomato in treating acne. The most common and easiest way is by cutting the tomato into half and rubbing it on the area on the face where there is acne. Some would use it as a mask while others prefer drinking it as a juice. There are some beauty care companies that manufacture tomato-based products for the treatment of acne.

  • Tomatoes help soothe the skin which usually can become very sore when there is an acne outbreak.

Tomatoes for Acne Scar

Tomatoes are considered as one of the best options in removing acne scars.

Below are some of the reasons why many patients prefer tomatoes over other kinds of treatments.

  • Tomatoes contain lots of nutrients that help in cellular regeneration or the growth of new cells. When this happens in the face, scars can slowly be removed or erased.

  • Vitamin A which lessens sebum on the surface of the skin in the face is abundantly found in tomatoes. Sebum is a substance and a major factor that causes pores to clog and form acne. Using tomatoes will then help prevent acne and thus prevent the onset of acne scars.

  • The antioxidants found in tomatoes are natural rejuvenating substances that can help the skin have a healthier and much smoother appearance.

  • Using tomatoes in removing acne scars is easy. One of the easiest step that can be done include cutting the tomato in half and then squeezing the juice out and into the affected area.

  • Tomatoes are cheaper compared to other treatments that may often involve pain.

Tomatoes for Acne Treatment

There are a number of ways tomatoes can be used to treat acne. Below are some of the most common ways patients follow.

  • Drinking it as a juice or putting the juice on the affected area.

  • Applying it as a face mask. This can be done by pureeing the tomato first and then putting it on the face.

  • Cutting it into two and putting the pieces on the area where there is acne.

  • Combining pureed tomato with other ingredients to promote faster acne healing. Some of the best ingredients that can be partnered with tomatoes include honey, yogurt, lemon, and avocados. Most of these ingredients have natural moisturizers that smoothens skin.

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