Symptoms of Acne | Signs and Symptoms of Acne Vulgaris

Acne Signs and Symptoms

You can easily tell when you have an acne problem. When acne is a problem you have, some of the symptoms you see will include the following:

  • When you have acne, you will find that there is more to it than the simple pimple or bump on your face. Acne can encompass even other types of bumps that can emerge even on your chest and your back.
  • There are two types of acne: inflamed and non-inflamed. You can tell that the non-inflamed types of acne are those smaller types that do not show any signs of redness or infection and these include blackheads, milia, uneven skin texture brought about by small bumps on the skin and whiteheads.
  • When acne is inflamed, this is often characterized by the swelling of the bump and the redness that can be seen on these bumps and around them.
  • Aside from the redness, another symptom that inflamed acne presents you with is the development of pus or an oozing liquid that can be pretty sticky.
  • These forms of acne can also create scabs and result in the crusting of these bumps.

Depending on the severity of the inflamed acne, a sufferer may have only a few pus filled bumps on the face, a couple of red bumps that are painful to the touch or they may have a face covered in crusting and oozing pustules.

Inflammtory and Non-Inflammatory Acne Symptoms:

Signs of non-inflammatory acne are formation of facial whiteheads and blackheads. Symptoms of inflammatory acne are inflammation of whiteheads and development of pustules. There are also pitted scars formation on areas like neck, back and chest which are red in color.

Acne vulgaris symptoms are formation of papules, nodules, cysts, and comedones.

Severe acne can be seen on large portions of the body and produces pimples in more than hundred numbers.

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