Home Remedies that Work Overnight for Treating Acne

Acne pimples can occur at the most unfortunate of times. It can be the night before the prom or the night before an important meeting or even the night before a wedding. Good thing there are several effective overnight acne cures for people to use.

Overnight Acne Remedies, Is It Possible?

  • Yes, there are a number of remedies that can be used to get rid of a pimple overnight.
  • These remedies often have to do with what a pimple is and what causes it.

Home Remedies that Work Overnight for Treating Acne

Egg Whites

  • An egg white mask can be very helpful in getting rid of acne overnight.
  • Cover the areas of the skin that has acne with a coating of beating egg whites.
  • Wait until the mask dries and then rinse it off with mild cleanser.

Yeast Paste

  • The bacteria causing acne is an anaerobic bacteria meaning that it thrives without oxygen.
  • Yeast produces oxygen when activated so spreading a paste made from some dried yeast and a small amount of warm water help get rid of acne by producing oxygen that the acne bacteria hates.
  • This can be a bit smelly though, but it does work.


  • It is not known how this works, but it is believed that the toothpaste causes the pimple to dry out.
  • This is ideal for spot treatment


  • More than just an herb, basil has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the swelling of a pimple.
  • Apply crushed basil on affected skin and leave overnight.
  • If no fresh basil is available, dried basil tea with a tablespoon of dried leaves in some hot water can work.
  • Let the water cool down and dip a cotton swab into it and apply solution to the pimple, leave overnight.

Crushed Cucumber

  • Helps to reduce the swelling

Tea Tree Oil

  • Has antimicrobial properties that may be beneficial for acne.


  • This has moisturizing properties
  • It has also been shown to have some anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve the swelling
  • Aloe can either be fresh or it can be in a gel form

Eye Drops on Acne

  • Eye drops that have been designed to soothe red eyes are said to help reduce the swelling from acne.

Other methods that can help get rid of acne faster include:

  • Avoid handling the pimple too much – doing so is only going to irritate it further
  • Avoid washing face too much – drying skin out can make things worse.
  • Get enough sleep – do not stress over the acne and get the rest needed.

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