Diet for Alcoholics | What Food to Eat to Get rid of Alcoholism

While there is really no set diet for alcoholics, there are some foods and drinks that do help a person flush out the toxins that alcohol has left in the body. Diet changes and avoiding certain kinds of foods will also help a recovering alcoholic to get over this addiction faster and more effectively. Here are some ideas on how a diet can help with alcoholism:

  • Eliminating the intake of sugar and sugary foods can actually help a person get over the craving of alcohol faster. Refined foods and processed foods should also be avoided for a speedier weaning from alcohol.
  • An increase in amino acids and other minerals that have been depleted due to your bout with alcoholism is also important.
  • Drinking fresh orange juice every day has also been seen as a good remedy to alcoholism and to help flush out toxins from the body. It also increases a body’s resistance to disease due to the vitamin C in oranges.
  • Fruits and vegetables should also be part of a rehabilitative diet for alcoholics.
  • Try to avoid certain types of food that may trigger your craving for alcohol. Since most alcoholics substitute healthy food with fast food that is salty and sweet, avoiding these types of food when undergoing alcoholic therapy can help you avoid a relapse.

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