Alcoholism Prevention | How to Prevent To Being Alcohol Addict

Preventing alcoholism is totally doable. People who find that they are genetically predisposed to alcoholism can exercise certain measures to avoid becoming an alcoholic. There are also ways for people who have experienced being alcoholics to prevent themselves from going back down that lane. Here are some suggestions:

  • When you are recovering from alcoholism and you want to stop yourself from going back to it, simply store up on apples and eat as many apples as you want whenever you feel the craving for alcohol resurfacing.
  • One of the reasons for a person’s alcoholism is the lack of confidence or having low self-esteem. This can be remedied by family and friends and showing your children that you love them and that they are special will help them avoid becoming alcoholics in the future. Educating them on the evils of alcoholism can also help.
  • When you are recovering from alcoholism and you are avoiding the possibility of having a relapse, one of the things you should do is to avoid the people who shared the same habit with you. Since alcoholism can come from peers pressuring you to take alcohol, you should steer clear of people who drink alcohol.
  • Indulge in sports and other hobbies. Keeping yourself busy is a good way to avoid indulging in alcohol. The feel good emotions you get from exercise and other physical activities and the feeling of having made something good will help you get over the need to feel good with the use of alcohol.

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