Symptoms Of Nickel Allergy: Herbal Remedies For Allergic Reactions

Nickel is a white silvery metal often used in many industrial and cosmetic products, coins, batteries, jewelry chains and rings, watchbands and frames of eye glasses. Repeated and prolonged exposure to nickel containing articles can result in nickel allergy symptoms. It is also termed as contact allergy dermatitis.

Nickel Allergy Symptoms

Nickel allergy can occur within 12 to 24 hours after its exposure, if you have allergy to nickel.

It remains for 2 to 3 weeks. Nickel allergy symptoms develop where your skin comes in contact with nickel containing articles.

  • Rash on the skin below the bracelet, necklace etc.
  • Small bumps on the skin surface.
  • Skin of that area turns red.
  • Small watery eruption.
  • Fluid discharge from the blisters.
  • Dark discoloration of skin.
  • Itching.

Nickel allergy test: a patch test is used to detect nickel allergy by your allergist.

Nickel Allergy Prevention

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to items containing nickel such as necklace, ear rings, bracelets etc.
  • Wear jewelry items that are nickel free, or wear hypoallergenic jewelry material.
  • Wear leather, instead of nickel containing watchbands.
  • Use plastic made zippers or clothing fasteners.
  • Wear plastic eyeglass frames instead of metal frames.

Herbal Remedies For Allergic Reactions To Nickel

If the rash appears on the skin surface after nickel contact, apply paste prepared from sandalwood and rose water. It reduces the inflammation and itching over the rash.

  • Apply aloe vera gel, cut aloe leaf and apply the fluid on the small bumps and blisters caused due to allergic dermatitis on the affected area. Aloe has powerful anti itching properties as well as it helps to soothe the skin.
  • Take few leaves of almond leaves and mash it till it attains a soft consistency. Now apply to the affected skin area. It relieves the skin allergic symptoms promptly.

Nickel Allergy Treatment

  • There is no permanent cure for nickel allergy; symptomatic relief can be obtained by anti histamines and ointments prescribed by your doctor.
  • Preventing nickel exposure to your skin is the best solution from staying away from nickel allergy, if you have history of allergic reaction to nickel.

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