Titanium Allergy Symptoms | Natural Cures For Allergic Reactions

Titanium allergy affects almost 4% of the population. Titanium allergy symptoms can occur due to the metal itself or due to the chemical titanium dioxide, widely used in medications, confectioneries and cosmetics. The metal titanium is used in ear piercing, jewelry, and body implants such as dental implants.

Symptoms Of Titanium Allergy

Titanium metal as well as titanium dioxide can cause allergic symptoms such as rashes, hives, itching, and redness.

It can also cause chronic fatigue syndrome consisting of muscle pain.

Although titanium allergy is considered rare, the presence of nickel in very minute amount during the processing can be a cause for titanium allergy.

When titanium metal comes in contact with the body of a hypersensitive individual, the immune system of that person believes it to be a harmful substance and reacts by producing histamine. Eventually the prosthetic and implants fitted in the body show titanium allergy symptoms.

If you suspect some health problems after titanium implants or titanium allergy piercing in the ears, get your doubts cleared by undergoing titanium allergy testing.

Treatment For Titanium Allergy

It is always better to get tested for allergy before receiving the titanium implant.

Find out the exact composition of the implant as some time vanadium, aluminum is added to improve the quality of the implant. In such case you will have to check for allergies to these metals too.

Titanium allergy treatment:

  • Remove the object that is causing titanium allergy. You may talk to your dentist when it is with a dental implant.
  • In cases of ear piercings and jewelry, remove it and avoid its contact with the skin in future.
  • Your doctor may give a prescription medicine containing anti histamine.
  • He may also advise some mild ointment for local application on the skin surface.
  • Avoid titanium dioxide containing products and read the label before purchasing it.

Natural Cures For Allergic Reactions

Although there are no home remedies for titanium allergy prevention, home remedies can certainly treat the symptoms of titanium allergy.

  • Skin rash: make a paste of poppy seeds and a teaspoon of lime juice. You will have to grind the poppy seeds. Apply the paste on the allergic skin rash area. It helps to relieve the itch and inflammation of the rash.
  • Drink fresh lime juice and honey mixed a glass of warm water daily for few days early in the morning after getting up. This home remedy flushes of the toxins in the body and boosts the immune system.
  • Hives: The use of rose water and vinegar is useful when there is itching on the hives.  Apply locally to the affected parts.

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