Allergy Symptoms of Pipe and Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco is a common habit especially in certain parts of the word, however studies show that it is not only when one chews tobacco where a certain person can suffer from tobacco allergies. As it is, even cigarette smoke can lead to an allergy that may be fatal for some people.

Pipe Tobacco Allergy Symptoms

  • Excessive sneezing is one of the tobacco allergy symptoms displayed when a person is allergic to pipe tobacco. This is because the smoke from the tobacco pipe is highly irritating when it goes through the nasal passages of the person. Sneezing will always be a one of the common symptoms of a person who has smoke allergies.
  • Shortness of breath is also another symptom of having tobacco allergies. This is a result of excessive exposure to smoke. This is a very serious problem whenever it is linked to the allergy. When it happens, a doctor must be consulted right away. Those who have asthma may also have breathing problems as a result.
  • Wheezing or lung rumbling is another symptom of the allergies. When unsure, ask somebody else to listen to the state of the lungs.
  • Frequent eye irritation, itchiness, or watery eyes. The tobacco lingering in the air may be irritating to the eyes of some people.

Testing for Chewing Tobacco Allergies

  • Skin tests may be done in order to determine whether a person has already developed an allergy to tobacco.
  • Blood allergy tests are also done as a way to determine if tobacco allergies are present. In most cases, antibodies are being located in the bloodstream. People often prefer to use skin tests compared to blood tests, however it is the blood tests that have high accuracy rates and are more decisive in its findings.
  • When in doubt, a patient must visit a doctor to make sure that the allergy is a normal reaction to tobacco or if it is a real deal allergy.

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