Amnesia Disorder Causes | What Causes Memory Loss Disease

Amnesia Causes:

What causes amnesia? Amnesia can be caused by either a physically, mentally, or emotionally traumatizing event that causes the person to lose any memory he or she may have as a result of such an event. Other causes of memory loss or amnesia may include the following as well:

  • A person may suffer from amnesia if he or she suffers from a head injury or from an accident that may result in an injury to the brain.
  • A person can also suffer from amnesia if he or she ingests certain chemicals that can also affect the memory or can induce memory loss or brain damage that can lead to amnesia.
  • Brain tumours can also be blamed for certain cases of amnesia.
  • People who suffer from constant seizures have a higher chance of getting amnesia due to the possibility of brain damage from these seizures or from injuries that may come about due to these attacks.
  • People who are starved or have a very inadequate diet or food intake can also fall victim to amnesia.
  • Internal trauma can also cause a person to suffer from amnesia. An example of internal trauma is a stroke or even a heart attack.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse can also be blamed for some amnesia cases.

Anterograde Amnesia Causes

This results from injury to the three major brain areas viz. hippocampus, medial temporal lobes, basal forebrain. It affects ability of the patient to learn new information.

Retrograde Amnesia Causes

Injury to the head through sport, falling, and accident results in this type of amnesia. The trauma directly affects hippocampus, an area of the brain. Other causes are anoxia in which there is lack of oxygen to the brain, and condition like epilepsy and encephalitis.

Transient Global Amnesia Causes

Stressful activities are the main cause of transient global amnesia. Incidents which trigger this condition are physical activities, cardiac procedures like angiography or endoscopy, emotional stress.

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