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Amnesia Diet:

Preventing amnesia with the help of the right kinds of foods as well as helping to cure amnesia with the help of nutrition can actually be done. The food you eat can affect your brain and the development of memories and understanding. Here are some foods that may help with rebuilding memories or help with memory retention:

  • Phosphorous-rich foods can help your brain recover its memory capacity.
    Foods in this group include grapes, figs, oranges, and dates, among others. Almonds and walnuts are also known to have substantial amounts of phosphorous as well as vitamin E to help with repairing brain cells and boosting memory.
  • Older people with memory problems caused by amnesia would do well to avoid certain foods and beverages like tea, coffee, chocolates, white rice, various condiments, and foods with chemical additives and food colourings.
  • Cow’s milk, cereals, and egg yolks also help a person retain their memory or help them improve memory retention.
  • People who have problems with amnesia and memory loss should eat one apple a day and accompany this apple with a cup of fresh cow’s milk and some honey. This helps with mental irritability and aids in bringing back a person’s memory.

Foods for Amnesia

Omega-3 fatty acid rich foods are effective in boosting brain power and are found in fish species like salmon and tuna which helps in brain function better by memorizing things. Choline which is rich in Vitamin B (found in eggs) is also a good brain food. Intake of peanut butter and little sugar is also a great memory stimulant food. Cow milk which is rich in phosphorous also increase memory power.

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