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Amnesia Home Remedies

While amnesia is a problem that happens due to a person suffering from trauma that affects the brain and usually the best solution for such a problem is psychological help, there are times when home remedies can help a person regain lost memories or trigger the return of their memory. Here are some home remedies for amnesia that may be worth a try:

  • There are herbal concoctions that may be effective in helping a person regain use of his brain and to help trigger the return of certain memories. You can try giving a person with amnesia a mixture of a little pure honey and powdered black pepper twice a day. Honey and cumin seeds given the same way can also be an effective way to help a person try to regain their concentration skills.
  • Rosemary tea is a very good herbal tea for good memory to take to help enhance the status of a person’s memory. The same goes for holy basil tea or by consuming whole leaves of holy basil.
  • Nuts that are full of vitamin E can also be used as a remedy for memory loss problem. Almonds soaked in water or whole walnuts taken first thing in the morning every day will help with brain functions and memory loss.

Amnesia Treatment

Best cure for amnesia is brain exercising which can be done by writing daily schedule in a notepad and memorizing these activities. Then recalling events without referring notepad help in memory enhancement. Therapies to boost memory are yoga and meditation.

Memory loss treatment

To improve memory, intake of warm decoction made using holy basil leaves is effective. Eating its washed leaves also helps in improving memory.

Memory loss cure

Pranayama is also a beneficial remedy for boosting memory. Sufficient rest and sleep also helps in making brain function better. Aromatherapy also helps in brain enhancement as it relieves stress.

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