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Amnesia Prevention

Can amnesia be prevented? How can a person avoid getting amnesia or avoid having amnesia again? Amnesia is a problem that may not be easily avoided if a person is exposed to events that may cause him to suffer from head injuries or if he is involved in an accident that injures his head.

You can try to alleviate any possibilities of this happening though by practicing care and caution.

  • If amnesia can be prevented, a lot of people would probably try to do so. However, amnesia is often brought about by traumatic events like accidents and head injuries. This means that one way to avoid amnesia is to avoid getting head injuries or hitting your head.
  • Prevention of amnesia by preventing head injuries includes the wearing of protective headgear when engaged in certain sports and activities that may result in head injuries if a person is not careful. Contact sports, like football, require a person to wear a helmet to avoid injuries to the head. Bicycling, skateboarding, riding a motorcycle, and other similar activities also require a person to wear a helmet to avoid injuries to the head in case of an accident.
  • Avoid using drugs and other substances that can cause brain damage and alteration of the brain’s functions. This may include alcohol and other intoxicating substances.
  • Usually, a healthy diet that includes vitamin E rich foods and phosphorous to help with short term amnesia problems.

Prevent Amnesia

For preventing amnesia, brain injuries should be prevented or reduced. Preventive measures include wearing seat belts and avoiding consumption of alcohol or drugs while driving vehicles. Patients suffering from neurological disorders should be given proper medical treatments as brain trauma is the main cause of amnesia. Sufficient rest and avoiding getting disappointed due to small issues should be prevented as person experiencing this are at risk of amnesia.

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