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Amnesia Symptoms

While the main indication that a person may have amnesia is the loss of memory and the loss of a person’s identity due to certain events or accidents, there are other symptoms that can point to this kind of a problem:

  • A person can be diagnosed with amnesia if they are having a difficult or tough time learning things or even remembering things that have been taught to them.
  • Different kinds of amnesia have different kinds of symptoms. These different kinds of amnesia and their symptoms are as follows:
  1. Antegrade Amnesia: This kind of amnesia has symptoms that include the inability to grasp new ideas and absorb new information. Any new event that happens to a person gets erased and the only memories that remain with this kind of amnesia are the ones that happened before the injury that caused the amnesia.
  2. Retrograde Amnesia: This is the kind of amnesia that people are very familiar with and are often depicted in movies. This amnesia makes people forget events from before the traumatic event that caused the loss of memory.
  3. Transient Global Amnesia: This is often considered temporary amnesia but may affect memories from the past and from the present.
    These transient global amnesia attacks happen suddenly and can sometimes leave a victim without memories or an identity for at least 24 hours or so.

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