Foods for Anemia | Diet for Iron Deficiency Anemia

Anemia Diet Treatment

Like other deficiencies, anemia can be stopped or can be cured with a little help from your diet. Changing what you eat and adding food that can help produce more red blood cells in your body to stop this problem in its tracks can indeed be useful to you. Here are some food suggestions you might want to try for your anemia:

  • Iron-rich food like green leafy vegetables, liver, dried fruits, beets, bran flakes, brown rice and lentils should be worked into your daily or weekly diet. Other iron-rich foods include whole grain breads and pasta, oysters and other shellfish, prunes, and raisins.
  • Other food you can eat to help in the development of red blood cells in your body include fish, lean meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products and dry beans as well as nuts.
  • To help avoid a decrease in iron absorption, you should avoid drinking coffee or tea. Any drinks with caffeine should also be avoided. Antacids are also known to decrease the absorption of iron in a person’s body so try to avoid antacids as much as possible when you are trying to cure iron deficiency anemia.
  • Parsley leaves, apples, white cabbage, and spinach are also good things to have in your meals to help with anemia.

Diet for Anemia

Iron supplements and foods rich in iron are must in patient suffering from anemia. Heme Iron present in animal sources like beef liver, oysters, shrimp are most recommended.

Iron Rich Foods

Anemic patient diet should be loaded with iron content. Sources are turkey, pork liver, chicken liver which fall under the category of Heme Iron.

Anemia Nutrition

Iron-deficiency anemia diet should also contain green leafy vegetables like broccoli, collards, turnip green. Iron rich supplements can also be taken but they impose risk of abdomen irritation.

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