Anemia Prevention | How to Prevent Anemia Naturally

Anemia Prevention

Prevention is always better than a cure, and preventing anemia is better than trying to cure it. Here are some of the ways you can try to keep anemia and its effects at bay:

  • Preventing anemia means you have to have enough red blood cells in your body. This can be done with a proper diet, enough sleep and exercise to keep your body healthy and producing enough red blood cells to keep anemia away.
  • Another way to stop anemia from happening is to avoid the intake of substances that will cause you to have anemia. Included in the list of substances you need to avoid to stop anemia from happening is alcohol. Another possible culprit that you might want to avoid is caffeine.
  • Having yourself checked regularly by a doctor will also help you avoid the onset of anemia. When you find that you are spending too many late nights out or are not getting enough iron in your diet, you may need to have your blood checked for signs of anemia to help you stop it in its early stages.
  • When in an accident or when you cut yourself and find yourself bleeding excessively, have your wounds taken cared of immediately. Since excessive bleeding can cause acute anemia, taking care of these wounds may help stop this from happening.

Preventing Iron Deficiency

Lack of iron intake is the main cause of anemia development. For anemia prevention consuming iron rich diet is utmost important. Proper intake of iron (dry fruits, beans and nuts), folate (cereals, legumes, and fruits), vitamin C rich foods. Be careful while consuming excess amount of iron.

Prevent Anemia during Pregnancy

Hemoglobin count lowers during pregnancy and there is a reduction in red blood cells. For prevention of anemia in pregnant women, intake of iron and vitamin C rich foods is must. This can be obtained from red meats, dry fruits, green vegetables like broccoli and spinach.

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