Iron Deficiency Anemia Symptoms | Signs and Symptoms of Anemia

Anemia Symptoms

There are a lot of signs that may indicate a person has anemia. Usually these symptoms not only point out that a person has anemia, it may also point out what kind of anemia a person may have. Here are some of the symptoms you may need to look out for:

  • When a person has anemia, he may or may not easily see symptoms that may cause him to suspect he has anemia. This is because some symptoms are rather common and can easily be misunderstood. These symptoms include tiredness, fatigue, palpitations, and paleness. These symptoms can be attributed to other problems as well, so for proper diagnosis, other signs have to be checked as well.
  • Other symptoms that can point to anemia include shortness of one’s breathing, hair loss, and a general feeling of constantly being sick or unwell called malaise. To determine if you do have anemia, a diagnosis has to be made with the use of what is called a CBC or a complete blood cell count.
  • When a person goes for a blood count, anemia is determined when the red blood cells, the hemoglobin, and the hematocrit are checked. The size, color and shape of the red blood cells are also taken note of when a CBC is performed.

Sickle cell anemia symptoms

Symptoms of sickle cell anemia in babies are jaundice, swelling of hands and feet, delay in body growth, eye problems.

Pernicious anemia symptoms

This anemia results due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Signs are tiredness, numb hands and feet, muscle weakness, loss of memory.

Iron Deficiency Symptoms

Signs of iron deficiency are rapid heartbeat, frontal headache, hair thinning, disturbance during sleep, weakness or tired body.

Anemia Symptoms in Women

Signs of anemia in female are severe pain during menstruation and bleeding, dizzy spells. Heart palpitation and excess stress is a common sign of anemia in pregnant women.

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