Home Remedies for Angina | Natural Remedies for Angina Pectoris Pain

Angina Home Remedies

Are there home remedies for angina and are these safe to undertake? While problems like this do warrant a visit to your doctor for proper medication, there are some natural home remedies that can be used to help these treatments along:

  • Since angina is a problem that has to do with cholesterol and garlic is well known for helping reduce cholesterol in a person’s body, taking garlic supplements or eating the herb can help with angina. Simply peel two or three cloves of this bulb in the morning and pop them like pills every day.
  • Basil leaves are also known to help with problems concerning angina. All you need to do is chew a few of these leaves every morning, make sure you use fresh leaves every time. In the absence of fresh basil leaves, make a tea out of dried basil leaves and drink this every morning.
  • Another effective way to remove cholesterol from your body is to mix together some pure honey, a slice of lemon, and warm water. Take this mixture first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything else.
  • Another remedy that can be taken first thing in the morning is onion juice. Simply puree a whole onion, peeled of course, and strain through a sieve. Drink this juice on an empty stomach in the morning to reduce the cholesterol in your bloodstream and in your body.

Natural Cure for Angina Pain

Best treatment for angina is the intake of parsley tea twice a day and beet juice. Fruits like apples and grapes are beneficial in keeping heart healthy and protecting cardiovascular ailments. Best herb for angina and good health of heart is hawthorn. This herbal remedy for angina helps in reducing spasms and increased heart rate caused due to angina. Others herbs are Chicory and Gingko. Chicory controls rapid heart beating and can be consumed in either roasted or dried form.

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