How to Prevent Angina Pectoris Pain: Precautions for Angina Prevention

Angina Prevention

Preventing angina, as long as you do not have any inherent coronary problems, can be easily done with a change in lifestyle and in your daily habits. Since anginas are a product of over-indulgence and unhealthy habits, getting rid of these things may help you avoid suffering from an angina:

  • You can prevent an angina attack by stopping cigarette smoking. Since smokers are more likely to suffer from this problem, quitting smoking can lower the incidence of angina attacks.
  • Exercising moderately to get yourself back into shape and to strengthen your heart is also a good way to prevent future angina problems. Short walks every day will help you achieve this and you can slowly progress to jogging and running once your arteries have cleared up a bit. Ask your doctor for advice on what exercises are good for you and at what frequency to avoid complications.
  • A healthy diet is also needed to prevent angina attacks. Since an angina is triggered by a tightness in the arteries caused by cholesterol, a diet that is low in cholesterol is logical. Look for food that are low in saturated fat to replace those unhealthy foods you have in your diet.
  • If you find that you are overweight, losing weight can help you avoid this problem.

Prevent Angina

For preventing angina, intake of light meals instead of three heavy meals should be done. Physical exercise, reducing stress levels, and keeping yourself away from nicotine and alcohol are required as they are the main causative factors for increased blood pressure.

Preventing Stable Angina

Lifestyle change and eating diet free from saturated fat is must to avoid cholesterol formation in the coronary blood vessels. To reduce cholesterol level in the body, consume unsaturated fats as they contain good amount of lipoprotein.

Unstable Angina Prevention

Controlling levels of diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol and adopting healthy lifestyle benefits in preventing and improving blockages. Excess body weight is the most common cause of angina attack hence weight should always be under control.

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