How To Overcome Stress In Our Daily Life? Causes Of Stress

Today we live in a restless age where happiness seems to be eluding us. Rapid development in technology has far taken a ride and has broken down old values. People live with fragmented personality. Uncertainty has become routine. It has produced tremendous psychological pressure and stress in daily life. Stress at workplace, at home, in relationship, has become a part of lifestyle.

Stress is nothing but a situation which causes anxiety, fear, anger, and worry in daily life. It can be mental stress or emotional. When you struggle constantly to cope with such situation, it causes adverse effect on health. Chronic stress and strain is known to produce many illnesses. The best example is headache. Almost 98 percent people suffering from headache has stress in its origin. Fortunately there are numerous ways evolved over several years that can helps to tackle and minimize stress.

How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety At Home?

As we know by now stress has become part of life. Even a child can be become stressful.

However, you need to know what stress threshold is. It is a point where a person cannot bear anymore pressure and it may explode into frustration making a person less productive and less content. The point of pressure may differ from one person to another according to his or her ability to cope with stressful situation. Some people can sustain high level of stress easily while some convert it into thriving opportunity and some people suffer extremely even with minor amount of stress. Once you know how to deal with stress, life becomes easy and fun.

Here are certain tips to overcome and survive stress in daily life:

  • When you are inclined to get away with stress, you need to know the source of its origin. Identify and pin point the specific stressor that has made your life a mess. This will help you to get better organized before taking any action to deal with stress.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and drug abuse when you have become victim of chronic stress.
  • Start developing positive attitude while facing stressful event or a situation. Negative feelings such as anger, fear, hatred, revenge all are germinating ground for stress.
  • Take a break from regular routine or work. Go for a picnic or somewhere that makes you feel pleased and energized. Break from regular routine is a key to reduce stress, especially when your stress is related in workplace.
  • Practice yoga, meditation as it helps to relieve stress.
  • Exercise daily for 1 hour. A simple walk for one hour daily will be useful in relaxing your mind and body. One of the benefit of exercise is it produces feel good hormone in the body. This hormone keeps you uplifted when you are stressed and depressed.
  • Stress can originate from anything. It can occur if your car keys are missing or may develop as a result of some valuable item from your cupboard is not found. Hence make it a point to keep everything in the right place so that you are able to find it easily and avoid stress.
  • When you adapt to the demands of stress, you are likely to change your personality. You can improve the communication skills because reading a person’s mind is very difficult. Communication often resolves misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts that may cause stress in a person’s mind.