Treatment for Arteriosclerosis | Remedies to Cure arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis Home Remedies:

There are many things you can do to alleviate and to improve the condition of an individual suffering from the condition. Though these things cannot fully target the cure of such condition because arteriosclerosis is a condition within (inside) the body. The main goal then for the individual is to lessen the discomforts it entails by focusing more on the goal to increase arterial blood supply, promoting vasodilation, prevention of vascular compression, relief of pain, and the maintenance of tissue integrity.

  • To improve the arterial blood supply to other extremities, one can elevate his extremities so that blood can circulate and reach the major organs.
  • Exercise can also be suggested for arteriosclerosis treatment. If there is movement, there is circulation happening. It need not be strenuous exercise, brisk walking will usually do.
  • To promote vasodilation, increase of intake of fluid will also be advisable.
  • Doing proper breathing techniques will also help in the improvement of the blood circulation.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking can cause vasoconstriction. If a person already has arteriosclerosis, smoking can only aggravate and make the condition worse.
  • Relaxation techniques will also help improve the circulation within the body.
  • As much as possible, avoid stress and other strenuous activities that would likely trigger an increase of blood pressure.
  • Provide a therapeutical environment for the individual.

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