What are the Symptoms of Arthritis Foot Pain and Treatment for Relief

Arthritis Foot Pain

Arthritis is a condition that means joint inflammation. It is not a single disease since it refers to more than 100 rheumatic diseases and other conditions that cause swelling, pain and stiffness in the joints. It can occur to any part of the body but is more common to occur in the feet.

Arthritis foot pain signals an inflammation on the foot joint. This can cause harm to other muscles and even bones if left untreated.

Most arthritis foot pain is caused by wearing shoes that don’t fit well, untrimmed toenails and poor blood circulation. Washing the feet after a hard day’s work with cold water can also be a factor of getting this disease. This disease is often present among older people since regular activities such as exercising is no longer done on a daily basis. This causes poor blood circulation that leads to arthritis where the feet usually feel pain.

Problems with the feet indicate of possible serious medical problems if left untreated. Rheumatoid arthritis involvement can cause ligament damage causing the joints to break.

If left untreated, patients might experience unending pain. The nerves inside the ankle can be damaged that can also lead entrapment syndromes and severe pain.

Arthritis Foot Pain Symptoms

Arthritis is common among people especially the aged. It is also very common to occur in people who live in places with very cold temperature. Thus, patients need to recognize symptoms to prevent it from worsening. Arthritis foot pain can be determined by the following symptoms:

  • There is pain in the foot area.

  • Tenderness and a stingy sensation can be felt.

  • There is swelling of the foot.

  • Decreased function.

  • Imbalanced walking due to painful sensation felt when stepping on the ground.

Arthritis Pain Relief Treatment

Treatment of foot problems can be done by getting a diagnosis from a doctor. Pain relief treatment however is readily available in your own home which includes:

  • Practice good foot care.

  • Allow proper blood circulation that can be done by putting the feet up when sitting or lying down.

  • Avoid exposing your feet to cold temperature.

  • Avoid sitting down for long hours with legs crossed.

  • Smoking should also be avoided since it has been known to cause pain in the joints as well.

  • Avoid wearing shoes that don’t fit perfectly well.

  • Wear shoes that are your size to prevent these foot ailments.

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