Causes Of Knee Pain While Climbing Stairs: Preventing Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint which affects individuals of all ages. While it is more prevalent in women compared to men, there are several causes of knee pain. Knee pain is aggravated especially while climbing down. Knee pain while climbing stairs is associated with a condition referred to as Patellefemoral syndrome or chondromalacia patella, which is one of the most common causes for pain in the knee joint.

This condition may affect one or both the knees and is associated with severe tenderness.

There are a host of simple home remedies and natural treatment options that can help in the management of preventing knee pain while climbing stairs. This article provides relevant information about preventing knee pain while climbing down the staircase.

What Causes Knee Pain While Climbing Stairs?

There are a host of causative factors that are associated with development of knee pain while climbing the stairs. While the causes can be categorized into overuse, injury, etc, here are some common causative factors,

  • Arthritis, either rheumatoid or osteoarthritis are associated with severe pain in the knee.
    Gout is another condition that is associated with knee pain while climbing stairs.
  • Cysts including Baker’s cyst are responsible for knee pain.
  • Bursitis or inflammation of the bursa of the knee joint is a leading cause for knee pain. Other causes include dislocation of the kneecap or tendinitis i.e. inflammation of the tendon around the knee joint.
  • Systemic and connective tissue disorders like lupus are also linked with pain in the knee joint.
  • Torn cartilage or torn ligament around the knee joint may also lead to pain while walking up or down the stairs.
  • Knee injury or infection of the knee joint may also lead to knee pain.
  • Obesity and overweight individuals are at a higher risk of knee pain compared to their non-obese counterparts.

Knee pain may also be an age related disorder and is frequently observed in the elderly age group. The symptoms of knee pain include swelling and hotness around the knee joint along with limited range of movement. People suffering from knee pain often suffer from tenderness along the medial aspect of the knee joint.

How To Prevent Pain In Knees When Climbing Stairs?

A multidisciplinary approach is essential to manage and prevent knee pain while climbing stairs. This multidisciplinary approach focuses regular exercises, healthy diet and natural remedies and home based treatment options. Some of the tips to prevent knee pain include the following,

  • A healthy diet is very important especially to fight knee pain linked with nutritional deficiencies and arthritis. Include foods like diary, soybeans, drumsticks, green leafy vegetables, etc in your diet. These foods are loaded with calcium and magnesium, which are important for bone health.
  • Regular knee exercises are also very important to prevent knee pain. Simple stretches and extensions can help strengthen the muscles of the thighs and the quadriceps and thereby reduce pain in the knee joint.
  • Add a tablespoon of turmeric to an equal amount of raw honey and add this mixture to milk or a glass of water and drink twice a day. Both turmeric and honey have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which can help alleviate the pain and tenderness.
  • Homeopathic drug Bryonia is also useful in managing edema, swelling and improving range of movement.

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