Why Does My Asthma Get Worse When It Rains And How To Avoid?

Rain is essential for humans as well as survival of living being and vegetation on earth. Rainy season is a favorite season for almost everyone, because it comes after hot summer in many parts of world. However, for people suffering from asthma it may be a nightmare. This is because in many asthmatics the symptoms become worse with rain and thunderstorm.

Thus worsening of asthma during rain and thunderstorm is also referred as thunderstorm asthma.

Asthma is a chronic disease characterized by inflammation of air passage (bronchi). Asthma is caused due to genetic inheritance or can be triggered by allergies. Common allergens include pollen, dust, molds, weeds, grass, animal dander etc. Weather change, especially rainy season can also trigger a surge in number of acute bronchospasm cases. Let us know the reasons for worsening of asthma in rainy season among asthmatics.

Causes Of Asthma Getting Worse In Rainy Season

In asthma the air passage become swollen. Swelling causes the air passage to secrete thick sticky mucus. Asthma also causes the muscles around the airways to constrict. All three factors; inflammation, mucus and constricted muscles lead to narrower air passage.

As a result it makes difficult for a person to breathe in or breathe out of the lung.

Climate change has been known to have great impact on asthma patients. The symptoms of asthmatic patients flare up during rains and many of them have to visit emergency room. The pollen grains are likely to break open during rain and thunderstorm. They release micro allergen particles in the air which can penetrate in airway. Wind during rain can blow molds and pollen. Both these allergens increase the risk of acute asthmatic attack among people prone to asthma.

Lightning and thunderstorm with rain can lead to formation of ozone in the air. It is believed to trigger acute asthmatic attacks in some people. Often due to increased allergy during rain, patient suffers from sinusitis which is also known to increase the risk of bronchospasm. Extreme humidity during rain is a trigger for acute asthma.

How To Avoid Worsening Of Asthma During Rains?

It is not possible to control rain but with proper preventive measures and management technique you can avoid asthma attacks or reduce it from worsening. First of all stay inside your house when it is raining. Less exposure outside will reduce exposure to pollen from entering into the air passage.

Avoid living for long period in damp area in your house. Dampness invites growth of molds. If you stay in this area for long time, there is risk of molds entering into the airways. Stay in clean and dry place. Prevent dampness in your house.

Patients already suffering from asthma must take their prescribed medicines regularly during rainy season. This will help to reduce possibility of asthmatic attacks in first place and if present will reduce its exacerbation.