Diet for Athletes Foot Treatment | Foods for Athletes Foot

Athlete’s Foot Diet Treatment:

Does the condition limit one from eating certain food groups, or the patient may eat as much as he likes without aggravating the condition? What are the best and ideal food groups that should be taken or avoided to help avoid getting the condition? Are there foods available that can help facilitate the fast recovery of an individual suffering from athlete’s foot?

The following tips and food should be carefully studied as they answer the above mentioned queries:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, preferably fruits rich in vitamin C and those that contain antioxidant properties as they can help protect and boost the immune system of an individual.
    As always, fruits and vegetables are part of the food groups that people suffering from athlete’s foot can take in large amounts.
  • Increase your protein intake. A good intake of helpful proteins helps in the metabolism and in the recovery of skin tissues and wound healing.
  • Avoid eating too much sweets as it delays the skin’s healing process and instead support the fast growth of bacteria.
  • Avoid eating foods that you know you have an allergy with such as seafood like shrimp and crabmeat. They will only aggravate the itch you have.

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