Prevent Athletes Foot | Prevention of Tinea Pedis Infection

Athlete’s Foot Prevention:

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. There are ways and methods that you can take to avoid acquiring such skin condition. Here are the following precautionary measures you can observe to avoid athlete’s foot:

  • Careful hygiene in the shower rooms, athletic clubs, or swimming pools should be observed.
  • When walking around these damp and moist areas, wear protective slippers to avoid contact of the bare feet with the floor.
  • One must be careful to use a clean towel every after washing or bathing, not one that has been carelessly thrown on the shelf by a previous bather.
  • The feet should be dried thoroughly especially between the toes, after which they should be powdered.
  • Socks should be changed every day and preferably twice changed during hot and humid times for preventing athletes foot.
  • Socks should be preferably made out of cotton as it is an effective absorber of perspiration.
  • For people whose feet perspire excessively, perforated shoes permit better aeration.
  • Talcum powder or antifungal powder applied twice daily helps keep the feet dry.
  • Several pairs of shoes should be alternated in usage so that they can dry completely before being worn again.

Preventing Tinea Pedis

For prevention of athletes’ foot, avoid direct contact with an infected person as the condition is contagious. Belongings like socks or footwear of other person should not be shared. Shoes must be light in weight with proper ventilation and similarly make use of breathable socks having division for each toe to prevent reoccurrence of the fungal infection. Avoid keeping the feet wet for longer period of time and make sure proper foot hygiene is followed in case the feet sweat out a lot.

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