Causes of Autoimmune Diseases | Reasons of Auto Immune Disorders

Autoimmune Diseases Causes:

Although there are no known causes or cause for autoimmune disorder or diseases, it is generally known that this is not contagious. You will never get this just by getting exposed to an affected person.

However, it is believed that there is a connection between autoimmune diseases and environment factors as well as a person’s genes.

Researchers think that if a person has a gene combination or a certain gene, it places her at higher risk for getting the disease.

  • It is said though that persons with these genes will not get the disease unless something causes the immune system to malfunction and start attacking its own cells thus affecting bodily functions. These triggers could include infections, the sun, pregnancy or drugs.
  • There are also many other factors that could be attributed as reasons behind autoimmune diseases. Among these are pollution, drugs, heredity, and certain kinds of viruses. It is also believed that marriage to close family members is also another factor.
  • There are also other possible causes of autoimmune diseases, and these include stress and anxiety, environmental toxins, and iodine.
  • The immune system may also get weak and damaged due to improper diet, poor sleep, lack of physical activity, and cigarette or alcohol abuse.

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