Preventing of Backache or Lumbago | How to Prevent Back Ache

Backache Prevention Measures:

While the use of medical treatments and home remedies are good for backaches, preventing yourself from experiencing this ailment is even better. So here are some preventive measures against backache that you should take:

  • Avoid or eliminate smoking completely.
  • If you have been using the same mattress for a long period of time, it is time to throw it out.
    Sleeping on a firm and comfortable mattress prevents backache.
  • Avoid fatty foods and eat plenty of salads, especially those that consist of raw vegetables like carrots, radish, lettuce, potato, cabbage, tomatoes, and cucumber.
  • Exercise your lower back always using exercises suggested by specialists. These are the Back Arch, the Side Stretch, and the Hamstring Stretch,
  • Always take time to rest. If your work calls for long hours of sitting, make sure to get up from your seat every hour to do some stretching exercises.
  • Using elastic back supports that cinches the waist is also good in the pushing the abdomen back and making a natural cushion to support and protect the nerves found in the spine area.
  • If you work before a computer, make sure that your chair supports your spine’s natural curvature. Also see to it that the keyboard is positioned in a way that your elbows bend at right angles while you are typing.

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