Bacterial Vaginosis Causes | What Causes Bacterial Vagina Infection

Bacterial Vaginitis Causes:

Bacterial vaginitis has different types of causative agents, but the root causes an individual would likely acquire such reproductive disorder would include poor hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, and other underlying health conditions that would have aggravated the condition of an individual.

  • When an individual has poor hygiene, they are more likely to experience and prone to these infection and disorders.
  • Aging usually would contribute to the greater risk of an individual to acquire such disease. Normally an individual has a normal vaginal pH that is acidic by nature. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Still however, bacterial lies dormant and serves as a natural flora in the vagina to help prevent the growth of other microorganisms. When a woman ages, the pH of the vagina becomes alkaline in nature and this facilitates the growth of bacteria.
  • Individuals who engage in polygamous relationships are also at high risk to acquire this kind of condition. Having multiple sexual partners increases the risk of infecting the other person.
  • Persons who engage in an oral-anal sexual intercourse. The natural bacterial flora of the anus, which is the E.Coli, would likely enter the reproductive system of the woman. This is one causative agent of the bacterial vaginitis.

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