Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms | Signs of Bacterial Vagina Infection

Bacterial Vaginitis Symptoms:

As many causative agents there may be, the main target of infection is the vagina itself. In some cases the infection gradually ascends, and this can cause a major complication known as pelvic inflammatory disease that can be life threatening. It can also result to the permanent sterility of a woman, making her unable to bear children.

Below are the following common signs and symptoms an individual would likely experience when having bacterial vaginitis:

  • Discharge of a white, cheese-like substance clinging to the epithelium
  • Itching in the vulvar area
  • Reddish irritation can also be seen in the vaginal epithelium
  • Erythema of vulva or vagina
  • Gray-white to yellowish white discharge clinging to the external vulva and vaginal walls.
  • Frothy yellowish white or yellow green vaginal discharge
  • Edema in the vulva
  • Abscessed vestibular gland
  • Profuse purulent vaginal discharge
  • Backache can also be present
  • There is also an increase of urinary frequency and urgency. When urinating as well, there is a burning painful sensation that accompanies it.
  • Discharge and irritation with alkaline pH of vaginal secretion.
  • Malodorous vaginal discharge
  • Positive of pain and swelling in the area

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