Causes of Bed Sores | What Causes Pressure Sores

Bed Sores Causes:

People who are immobilized because of injuries, paralysis, or illness are those that often experience bed sores. Below are the common causes of the occurrence of these sores on patients:

  • Sustained pressure on areas of the body. In cases when your skin and its underlying tissues are trapped between such surfaces as beds or wheelchairs and your bone, there is usually a restriction of the blood. Because this results in the deprivation of nutrients and oxygen among the tissues, damage, or even death of these tissues can happen. This usually occurs in areas that are not well padded with fats or muscles. There are also cases when the pressure cutting off circulation could come from very unlikely sources and these include crumbs found on the bed, the thick seams and rivets of jeans, wrinkles from sheets or clothing, and even perspiration, which could moisten the skin.
  • Friction: If you don’t want to get sores, then you need to shift your position frequently. However, there are also cases when the friction that happens when you move from side to side can already bring damage to your skin, leading to pressure sores.
  • Shear: This happens when your skin and its underlying bones move in different directions. Raising the head of your bed by more than 30 degrees or sliding down from a chair or your bed are likely causes of shearing. Shearing is actually the stretching and tearing of the tiny blood vessels and the cell walls. The areas most affected by this are those that have fragile and thin skin like the tailbone.

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