Natural Remedies For Bed Sores: Aloe Vera & Honey For Bedsore Treatment

What Are Bed Sores

Bed sores are lesions that are often seen in elderly patients or bedridden patients. This condition is so named because it is often experienced by patients who are lying with the same position for several hours. It often affect areas that are most exposed to friction on the sheets.

Often, areas where pressure is unrelieved are the ones that easily develop bed sores. Some of these areas are the ankles, sacrum, and elbows.

Although bed sores may start out as simple sores, these could easily progress to become ulcers. This is especially the case when treatment is not provided immediately. Advanced cases of bed sores can be fatal to the patient, especially because the patient is already weak and frail in the first place.

Thus, it is quite important to make sure that the patient is treated as soon as possible. Also, the conditions around the patient should be improved. For instance, bed sores are aggravated by high temperatures and humidity. Thus, these should be avoided at all costs to ensure the patient’s faster recovery.

Natural Cures For Bed Sores

Here are a number of home remedies that are very effective against bedsores:

  • A mixture of turmeric powder and water is good for washing bedsores clean.
    Turmeric root mixed with witch hazel is also good for this. After washing, just make sure to wipe the wound dry using a cotton cloth.
  • Equal amounts of comfrey and slippery elm leaves made into a paste offers relief from bed sores. This paste could be applied on the bed sore directly or it can be placed in a clean, soft cloth and tied on the sore.
  • Soft massage, which could bring about an improved blood circulation to the skin, is very helpful for the prevention of the formation of sores. Vitamin E could be used as massage oil so that the expansion of bed sores can be prevented.
  • Calendula is also another known remedy for bed sores. It can be applied directly on the sore or used as a cream to heal these sores.

Aloe Vera And Honey For Bedsores

  • Apply aloe vera or pure wheat germ oil as it is on the sore. These items can also be found as main ingredients in some creams. These creams can be used on the sore.
  • Washing a bedsore using honey and then applying a sugar poultice help in getting rid of the infection from the wound.

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