Bed Wetting Causes | What Causes Bedwetting in Adults and Children

What are the causes of bedwetting and why do children (and sometimes adults) wet their bed at night while they are asleep? Here are some possible reasons and causes why nocturnal enuresis occurs:

  • There are actually two types of bedwetting problems that children can experience.
    These are called primary and secondary nocturnal enuresis.
  • Primary nocturnal enuresis is basically the kind of bedwetting that has not yet stopped or where the child hasn’t experienced a night where he has ever been dry in bed.
  • Secondary nocturnal enuresis is the kind of bedwetting situation where the child has already been going through nights of dryness but has returned to bedwetting. The problem can only be called secondary bedwetting when at least six months of dryness has already been experienced by the child.
  • Primary bedwetting is usually caused by the child’s inability to hold urine all through the night, does not wake up when they feel their bladder is full, or that the child has rather poor toilet habits during the day.
  • Secondary bedwetting can actually point to a few possible ailments, and these ailments may include urinary tract infection, diabetes, neurological problems like nervous system abnormalities, and even emotional problems.
  • Secondary bedwetting can also indicate that the person may have abnormalities in their muscles, nerves, or organs that are involved when it comes to urination.

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