Bed Wetting Symptoms | Signs of Bed Wetting In Adults and Children

What are the indications of a child or an adult having problems with nocturnal enuresis? There are a number of symptoms that do tell you when a person has problems with bedwetting. Here are some of these symptoms:

  • The main symptom of bedwetting is when a child or an adult wets their bed involuntarily while they are asleep or in bed.
    This usually happens at night.
  • If bedwetting is more than just a problem with bladder control, there are other symptoms that will indicate otherwise. Some of the symptoms that may indicate that there is more to the bedwetting problem include feeling a burning sensation when urinating.
  • When the urine that is being passed is pinkish or cloudy or if there are some bloodstains on a child’s or adult’s pajamas or underwear after they wet themselves and their bed, there may be more than just a bedwetting problem to take care of.
  • When wetting oneself is no longer done at night only but extends into the day, this bedwetting problem may be more than just simple bladder control issues.
  • Sometimes problem with bowel control accompanies these bedwetting problems, and you may find that the child or the adult in question suffers from fecal incontinence as well. This may also indicate a bigger problem that goes beyond simple bedwetting.

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