Stop and Treat Bed Wetting in Children and Adult with Diet and Food

Knowing what to ingest and what not to ingest will go a long way when it comes to getting a person to stop wetting their beds. Some changes in what you eat and avoiding certain types of food can actually help when it comes to controlling nocturnal enuresis.

Here are some dietary tips you might want to follow:

  • When you want to stop bedwetting problems with the help of diet, you might want to consider avoiding three of the culprits that are known to induce bedwetting. These are caffeine, citrus, and carbonated products.
  • Caffeine is a well-known bladder irritant so avoiding anything that has caffeine in it a few hours before going to bed will help you avoid any possibility of nocturnal enuresis. While you might argue that kids do not drink coffee, coffee is not the only source of caffeine.
    Soda has caffeine.
  • Soda pop or soft drinks should be avoided because of the double effect it has on people who are prone to bedwetting. Soda is a carbonated drink, and it has caffeine.
  • Try to avoid giving your kids chocolates before they go to bed since these also have traces of caffeine and may cause a child to wet himself while asleep a few hours later.

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