Belching Diet Treatment |Foods to Avoid Burping or Excess Stomach Gas

Belching Diet Tips

Just like any other health concern, diet can also help a person avoid and prevent the occurrence of belching. When you eat right and when you know which foods make you prone to being gassy, you can very well avoid excessive belching and the other problems that may come with it. Here are some diet tips you should try:

  • Avoid gassy drinks and foods. Since burping is brought about by the presence of gas in your stomach, you may do well to avoid such drinks like beer, champagne, and soda pop.
  • Try to avoid foods that can cause your stomach to bloat or makes your stomach produce too much acid, which then translates to a lot of gas and bloating. Some of these foods that you should avoid include prunes, onions, beans, sugar, sprouts, apricots, and cabbage.
  • Changing what you eat is not the only thing you can do to make belching become a thing of the past. You should also change how you eat. Try eating a few small meals every day instead of eating three huge meals in one day. This change will help your stomach thoroughly digest what you eat and stop you from having indigestion, one of the possible causes of bloating and burping.

Foods for Belching

Vegetables like cabbage and broccoli should be avoided as they produce lot of gas in the stomach leading to abdominal pain. Acidity also results in gas production and the same can be prevented by chewing mint leaves or consuming cold milk which gives relief to the abdomen. Try to avoid foods which are partially digested like baked beans and sweeteners like fructose and sorbitol. Milk sugar is also not easily digestible by some people resulting in gas production in the stomach, so the same should be avoided.

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