Treatments for Belching | Cure Burping | Reduce Excess Stomach Gas

Belching is a condition which is associated with excessive flatulence in the stomach, which is released through the mouth. Though belching itself may not poise any significant impact on health, recurrent sour belching can increase the risk of heart burns and also the possibility of development of esophageal cancer.

Causes and Factors Responsible For Burping

While indigestion and excessive gassy stomach are the prime reasons for belching, there are certain factors that increase the chances of burping,

  • Smoking is considered to be one of the important factors. Smoking results in swallowing of excess of air, which in turn may be released by the stomach in the form of burping.
  • Intake of spicy or starchy foods can also increase the chances of burping
  • Burping or belching can also happen when the stomach has remained empty for long period of time.
  • Individuals having high acid production in the stomach may also suffer from belching and burping
  • Certain foods like fermented foods, raw foods, starchy foods, etc increase the chances of burping after a meal, especially the individual has overeaten.
  • Stress is also considered to impact the digestive functions, which in turn increase the possibility of belching

Reduce Excess Stomach Gas Naturally

How does a person remedy belching and the bloated feeling that comes with it? There are a few remedies that you can try when you are faced with this problem. You may want to try out some of these home treatments for belching and for a bloated stomach:

  • When you find that your belching problem comes with your swallowing too much air during certain instances, you may need to change certain habits that cause you to ingest a lot of air. This includes how fast you eat, how you talk, and other habits you might have that may get you to inhale a lot of air that will cause you to burp.
  • When you find that you are belching a lot and the cause of such belches is stress, you will need to relax by using relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga. Reducing stress can be done to help reduce belching occurrence due to the acting up of peptic ulcers when stress is present.
  • One way for you to stop belching is to get all that air out of your stomach and to do so, try to take a cup of strong ginger tea to force all that air out of your body. Simply boil some peeled ginger root in a pot of water and wait till the water is yellowish in color .Cool a bit and then drink with a bit of honey and some lemon. This tea is best when taken warm. Ginger improves digestive functions like honey is a source of energy and lemon strengthens the immune system.
  • Drink low fat warm milk twice a day and add a teaspoon of turmeric to it. This would help reduce the belching and also improve digestive functions. This also helps in controlling production of stomach acids.

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