Preventing Belching Problem | Prevention of Burping, Excess Stomach Gas

Belching Prevention Treatments

The prevention of belching that is bothersome can be done a few ways. A change in lifestyle and diet is one of the many ways you can try and prevent belching attacks from happening frequently. Here are some things you can do to avoid stomach gas:

  • When you find that you are taking in too much air with your habits, you may need to cut back on these to help you avoid belching too often. Such habits include chewing gum or tobacco, smoking cigarettes or cigar, eating too fast, or even talking too much.
  • One other way you can prevent belching from happening is to keep your stress levels down. Since ulcers produce gas and gas produces belches, you may need to keep your cool to help keep belching down. Meditation and even yoga can help you keep stress levels low and belching as well as ulcer problems down too.
  • When you find that belching is a problem and the cause of such a problem is fizzy beverages, then you need to avoid these drinks altogether.
  • Knowing what kinds of foods can make you feel gassy and makes you burp excessively will help you avoid these. You should make a list of the kinds of foods that make you feel bloated and try to avoid these to prevent you from belching too much.

Avoid Belching

Use of straw and direct intake of liquid from narrow mouthed bottle should be stopped. Intake of lactase can also result in burping which can be confirmed through lactose intolerance test. Avoiding consumption of hard candy and chewing gum also help in preventing belching. Try to reduce water intake while eating foods as they increase quantity of swallowed air. People with heartburn problem often swallow saliva to get relief resulting in air swallowing. Other ways to avoid belching are getting treated loose dentures and detecting foods causing flatus.

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