Belching, Excess Stomach Gas Symptoms | Signs of Belching or Burping

Belching Symptoms

When a person has a problem that is connected with his belching or if his belching is becoming a problem, the symptoms that accompany his belching or why he is belching can be an indication of what may be wrong. Here are some symptoms to look out for when belching:

  • Belching is, of course, the release of air from the mouth whenever you have lots of air in your stomach or are feeling gassy. When your belching comes as a result of a stomachache or you are feeling bloated and you are belching endlessly, the possible problem you might have is indigestion.
  • Peptic ulcers are also known to produce belching problems. If you are nervous and your ulcers act up due to the stress you are experiencing, you might expect to start burping anytime soon.
  • One of the symptoms you can look out for when you are going through belching bouts is the excessive production of saliva in your mouth. When you are wearing rather loose dentures, saliva production can be pretty high and constant swallowing of saliva can cause gas to enter with it in your stomach. You should have your dentures checked and fitted properly to avoid this from happening.
  • Another symptom of excess stomach gas that you can associate with belching and the need to burp is when you feel like your stomach is full of air and when you thump it, it sounds like a hollow drum.

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